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by Sore Implanted

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Marius - Guitars & Vocals
Thomas - Bass & Vocals
Linus - Drums


released February 25, 2013

Recorded by Sore Implanted
Mixed and mastered by Linus Bahr
Logo by NecrolatryArt
Photo by Yannick Wenzel



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Sore Implanted Erlangen, Germany

Sore Implanted is a death metal band from Erlangen (Germany) founded in 2011.

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Track Name: Pleasure Through Enlightenment
Out of mother's womb grows my healing secret
of which I know it is mine
and yet, the mighty eye of mortal power
is always trying to take my secret away

I am not the only one with a comfortable method
to make my mind fly through the valleys of world's soul.
Fuck, this is a beautiful scenery!

Hello Mom! Look, you're beautiful, warts and all,
but we might have a problem
The gift you gave us is nothing more than poison in the eyes of some poor fucks

Go away! Leave me alone!
Seek enlightenment somewhere else
and leave mine to myself
I love this stuff
It makes me fly away

I feel sorry for your soul, your mind in shackles, let yourself save you
You've been blinded by all the lies... time to rape tradition!
With that bitch fucked by green cock, nothing will stand against progress

Green blazed gold will heal you now
Green progress and enlightenment

Why let them all moan
They can have it better

Born with a free will am I
Why is this right withheld
Everyone his own path to happiness, enlightenment
The superiors are all out of fucks to give away

Equal - your pleasure for you
Equal - my pleasure for me

Progress and enlightenment, forced to hide away
Progress and enlightenment, always here to stay
Track Name: Denial After Disgustig Deed
Tainted by the dirtiest filth
Fallen into a black pit
These stains cannot be simply washed out
Hell is where she'll spend her life in

Seeking help after disgusting deed
Inflicted with this scorching pain
Burn marks are the most painful wounds
Just one hope that could have saved her

A holy sanctuary is where she can go
Who could possibly turn her down there?
It is a safe place
You shall be cleansed by holy spirits
And you will leave this all healed up
Don't you worry child, it will all end well

Entering the doors of heaven right down here on earth
Charming call of blissful cleansing
seems enough to take her desperate soul
Sanctuary might be helping with the best intents
But those seem to be obsolete

Infirmary, place of hope endowed in light
You shall not be rejected

Help me, please help me
Blackened seed inside me, take it out, incinerate it
Kill it before it touches my womb and grows
You are my last hope
Where else can I go now?

Yes, we'll help you
Just let me look into my little list of rules now
The boss gets angry if we don't do what he thinks is pure

Tainted by the dirtiest filth
Fallen into a black pit
These stains cannot be simply washed out
Hell is where she'll spend her life in
A holy sanctuary ain't where she can go
Where can she go?

You've been raped and he's free
Seeds are inside you
You've been raped and he's free
Life in the womb - it is abloom

Filthy angel inside your body
Life can't be touched
We won't help you